I heard the scream


From the horse as it founder

As it strove through the mud

Running its heart out

From the rider who was thrown from his saddle

            As the horse reared its head

            Crushing his testicles

From the sirens of the Stuka dive bomber

            As it dove toward the rider less horse

            Shuddering against the sky

From the bomb as it rent the air

            As it fell toward the rider

            Hanging from tail fins

From the air as it rushed into the void

            As the mud oozed into the hole

Where the rider had lain

From the witch as she writhed in her chains

            As the rider splashed mud

            On her hardwood floor

From the metal shards as they ripped through the trees

            As they tore up the mud

            Where the horseflesh burned

From the wind as it rushed from the explosion

            As it had rushed into the void

            Just an instant before

From the soldiers who found not a bone

            As they searched through the mud

            Where their leader had been

From evil itself as history was changed

            As the leader was saved

            And the blitzkrieg thus thwarted.


Telepath 281