DirecTV Hints and Tips

It's simply amazing what DirectTV's website doesn't have any information about.
Like setting up their receivers!

I have an HR23-700. The HD went out a few years ago and they wanted a bunch of $$ to replace it.
So, I added an external hard Drive. that was unt simple because they don't tell you it requires an eSATA cable.
But we persevered and it worked for several years.

Recently decided to put it in the motor home instead of the simple little SD receiver.
Forgot the HD.

So I wound up on the road with a dead receiver.

After some haggling I got them to replace it with a reconditioned unit for the cost of shipping (~$20).

The I tried to install it.
An immense PITA.

Eventually I through trial and error found out the 18 inch dish works only when attached to the SWM input on the receiver.
Not only is this not documented anywhere, several forums say the 18 inch dish is incompatible with SWM.

Not true.

I'm still having problems with some transponders showing up as weak or zero.
But most of the channels are working.

When activating my receiver I got an error that had big red boxes with black Xs. The activation girl told me
that my physical address was not the same as my account address so it wouldn't work.

A second call directly to tech support 800-388-6597 routed me to a young lady who said,
"Oh, that's just telling you you can't get HD. Just select the blue 'Continue' button
in the lower right. It will work OK."

She was right.